What are some good web sites about UX? UX Question #10

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Monty S. from Vancouver, British Columbia, asks: what are some good web sites about UX?

I love that question. Thanks for asking, Monty. This is UX Question number 10 and I am Ben Judy.

What are some good web sites about UX? Well, I’ve got a handful of recommendations for you. There are obviously thousands upon thousands of UX blogs, online magazines, resource indexes, toolkits, professional portfolio sites, you name it.

I tend to gravitate toward sites and authors and communities who have been around for a while. Expertise in this field comes from experience. So learn from those who know.

A List Apart was one of the first online magazines or blogs I read when I was first learning how to make websites. I’ve always enjoyed its focus on web standards and best practices. Yes, this is from the same people who publish books as A Book Apart, but [alistapart.com](http://alistapart.com) is much older. The new articles are as timely as ever, though and after years and years of being around, the topical index of articles is deep.

Nielsen Norman Group. It’s a no-frills site chock full of research-backed articles on a wealth of UX and usability related topics. Always great stuff.

UX Magazine. Does what it says on the cover. Solid articles from working practitioners.

If you want an aggregator—a site that pulls content from lot of different sources around the web—I like Sidebar. They’ll email you five, curated articles each day on a wide variety of not just UX topics, but all kinds of design and development related subjects. Or you can go to [sidebar.io](http://sidebar.io) and browse the categories of back articles.

Finally, I recommend Baymard Instititue. This is my niche pick. Baymard Institute conducts in-depth usability research for ecommerce. If you are designing anything like an ecommerce website or app, you need to check them out. They publish a lot of well researched studies for free, as well as a lot of content you need to pay for to access, but it’s well worth it.

Hey, there’s lots of nonsense on the web. Find the experts who have been around a long time, have dedicated themselves to the practice of user experience, and have proven themselves. Don’t just subscribe to some rando who has like, a handful of articles on his site and ten YouTube videos and calls himself a design expert.

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