Advertising Policy

TL;DR: we love to partner with good sponsors—but anything that conflicts with our desire to make the world a better place will be declined, solely at the discretion of UX Questions management.

UX Questions is an audience-supported, values-driven show. Our shows are free for all to enjoy—with the exception of special content offered as Perks for Patreon supporters or subscribers. However, we rely heavily on community support to cover production expenses and to enable us to invest time and effort into the show and our growing community of UX practitioners.

We want most of our revenue to come from Patreon supporters, but we do make some money from business and individual sponsorships, a.k.a ‘advertising.’ We love our sponsors because we love sharing great UX resources with our audience and making connections among members of the UX Questions community. Also, the show couldn’t go on with out sponsorship revenue as a supplement to our Patreon supporters and subscribers.

Our values are more important than money. We will turn down advertising and personal messages that contradict our values. We might decline sponsorship requests from companies that promote products or services we deem to be low quality, or that exploit employees, or that negatively impact society. We might decline to run ads for gambling, weapons, addictive substances, political candidates or causes, or controversial social issues. You might not think such sponsors would be interested in a show called “UX Questions,” but some people will try to take advantage of any platform.

We might also decline individual sponsorships from people who have cultivated a poor reputation, or who are generally obnoxious online or in person. We definitely won’t relay personal messages that attack other people, promote wild conspiracy theories or angry rants, or are blatantly offensive. Good vibes only!

UX Questions tries to keep advertising to a minimum and to book ads for companies and individuals that our audience will enjoy. If you have any concerns about sponsors or individuals currently on the show, please email us at so we can look into it.